Your Flat Stomach :-)

Top 5 Tips on Combating Stress

A year ago I was coaching a lovely client of mine, I won’t name her, but lets just
call her Sarah.

See Sarah was after what most ladies want… a nice flat stomach. She was having issues feeling confident because, as she had mentioned, all of her friends were slim and when they were all together she felt terrible.

Maybe you can relate to Sarah, as I hear this sort of thing a lot.

Now Sarah and I were training three times a week at a good intensity and her eating habits were near spot on. She was doing FANTASTIC and had made all the right changes, she was completely committed and submerged into the program.


Her results did not reflect the amount of effort she was putting in. Don’t get me wrong we saw some changes in her shape and a decrease in body fat, but we should have been gaining results a lot FASTER.

It got me thinking, was I doing something wrong?! Was she telling porkie pies on her food diary?

Then it clicked…

See Sarah was ALWAYS rushing around at 100MPH. She had a busy job, children, was trying to run a home and found it hard to get some order in her life.


See stress is a nightmare when trying to get a flat stomach. When we are stressed our body releases two hormones called ‘Cortisol’ and ‘Adrenaline’. If our body is constantly bombarded with these hormones it heightens our blood sugar levels, and what does heightened blood sugar levels equate to??


Not only that but our tummy has 4 X’s the amount of cortisol receptors than anywhere else in the body, making it the ideal area to store more fat.

So Sarah and I sat down and came up with a few ways to combat her stress levels. After we did that she saw an absolutely amazing increase in results, especially with her

Many people find themselves in a very similar situation as Sarah, and if this may relate to you, here are my Top 5 Tips to Combating Stress

1. Have a positive attitude and be happy with everything you do. You and ONLY YOU can choose how you think and feel, so smile more, life is a beautiful thing.

2. Stay in control of your emotions. Try liming feelings of hostility, hatred, jealousy, anger and aggression it just sends your cortisol levels through the roof….and doesn’t help with the wrinkles.

3. If you don’t have any control over a certain situation, forget about it! Quit worrying about stuff that ‘might’ happen and focus on what is happening RIGHT NOW.

4. Take a few minutes each day to balance out your hormones. If you are someone victim to a high stress life your body needs time to calm down and reduce the production of those particular hormones. Do things like yoga, meditation, or listening to some peaceful music.

5. Be sure to give yourself some ‘Me Time’. It’s extremely important to set aside time for yourself, maybe it’s time to book a massage!

I hope that’s got you thinking about how stress really affects us when striving for a flat stomach…

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