Why can’t I get rid of my lower tummy pooch?

Quick science secret explaining this seemingly PERMANENT pooch.

I have found that getting that tight, toned tummy is almost all women’s primary goals with their fitness, and if it isn’t number one, it’s number two or three.

Why? Well, the better question is why not? Who doesn’t want a tight, sexy, toned stomach – a stomach that looks great in tight shirts and a small waist that has no extra pooch to fold over your pant line! I know I do! That’s why it is my specialty! I have read many books, learned from multiple fitness idols, understood and studied the anatomy, and done much of my own experimenting with getting a flat stomach and it is time to share!!!

Ready for the secrets that will help you understand your core and realize why it looks the way it does and how to make it better?

Gosh sounds great sign me up!

Tight Sexy Toned


First off why the pooch????

Our tummies seem like the first place to gain fat and the last place to lose, right?

Well, they usually are!

WHY? It’s not fair! BOOOOOO stomach fat! (That’s what’s going on in my head)

The reason is because of this; areas with the least amount of blood flow store the most fat, meaning the muscles that are not used constantly and have less blood moving through them are more likely to accumulate fat then the muscles that are more active.

Think of blood as a fat burner. If blood is moving through active muscles, then it burns fat more often in those areas and does not allow fat to store there. On the other hand, the areas where less blood flows are areas where fat accumulates because blood won’t burn it up.

Let take your arms and legs for example. You use your legs every day when you walk, sit,  and stand. You use your arms when you carry, lift, throw, and write. A lot of blood is flowing through those areas during the day, but our abs only get used when we actually work them out, so they have little blood flow.

What does this mean? You need to move your abs more!

On a daily basis, or even every other day, you should start adding ab exercises into your routine. This will start that blood flow and you will start to notice a tighter stomach!

Everyday Is AB Day!

If you aren’t sure what exercises would be the best to perform, check out my 30 Day Ab sculpting Program that provides over 100 different abdominal exercises, designed to progress your ab tone and get you losing that belly fat faster!

Now, you need to also understand something else. This is not an excuse for having belly fat, but it is a natural part of our body…the pooch.

Why is it so hard to lose fat around the lower tummy?

There are a few reasons, like diet and lack of exercise, but the natural reason is because of our bodies survival mode.

Okay, now I’m confused :/

Let me explain!


Since we have the lovely pleasure of having babies, our body tries to make sure we always have a little fat layer over our reproductive organs so we can protect a baby.

Make sense now?

So, overall the way our body functions is another reason for the little pooch. Thankfully, with proper diet and exercise that pooch can go away! Diet is a big thing and I know we have all heard it and roll our eyes because it isn’t the easiest sometimes, but check out my My Healthy Principles that will help guide you in the right direction for eating healthy and clean. I also share little tips and advice that are not shared anywhere else! These rules and lists are the ones I follow to have the body I have! Join me and let’s get you that flat sexy tummy!!!!

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