Have you been doing abs wrong?

5 Laws of Ab Exercises

Who wants a flat stomach, raise your hand!! I do, and if you are raising your hand too then you are in the right place!

Have you ever gone through that frustrating moment when you’re wearing a tight cute shirt, but when you sit down your tummy decides to make those unattractive rolls? 🙁

Or have you been through those uncomfortable times when your love handles made an unwelcome appearance on top of your jeans (aka the muffin top) …Yeah, not quite a pretty sight AND not comfortable one bit!

It is time for a change, time to create that gorgeous little tummy that stays nice and tight in any position – standing, twisting, and yes even sitting! It is time for those hips to have an hourglass shape. Say “BYE-BYE” to that muffin top!



Are you ready to feel toned in your stomach? Are you ready to feel like you could wear a tight shirt and show off that slim waist? Are you ready to show off a sexy stomach at the beach and go bathing suit shopping? Well, you better get ready because you are going to wish it was summer all year long!

What’s that, you want to get a belly button piercing? Great! It is the perfect time. Once we tighten and tone that tummy for you, you will have to bedazzle it with a little ring!

Well, guess what!!! HEY unpleasant memories and unwelcome fat… IT’S TIME TO GO!!!
It’s time to get rid of that layer of fat on your stomach. It’s time to leave those extra pounds behind!

Now, what is the catch?! It sounds too good to be true… right?

Well, it’s not; all you have to do is the right things! What the heck…that sounds like a loaded statement!

Well here it is:

One – Learn the 5 Laws of Ab Exercises

Two – Eat clean

ONE, TWO. That’s it! You can do it! Think back to bathing suit season coming up and having that sexy tight tummy as you take off your dress and get ready to tan! Think of all your friends watching in amazement and total jealousy! It is going to be worth it, I promise! Imagine looking down every day and that pooch is gone, and not feeling your pant line get eaten by your rolls as you sit! I know you are over those feelings and it is time to make the change!

If you have been doing ab exercises already and trying to work your core, but it isn’t working then you better learn these laws religiously because you could be doing fake ab exercises. And if you haven’t been doing any ab exercises, you are about to!

Okay, hold on… what is a “fake ab” exercise?

It is an exercise made up by someone who has no clue how the ab muscles work and the exercise does not work the abs at all.

For example, the Standing Side Crunch, where you hold a weight in one hand and lean to the side and pull back up. That is a “fake ab” exercise because your abdominal muscles don’t run up and down, they run at angles.

                       Standing Side Crunch


So why are you sore when you do the standing side crunch? Because you’re stretching and pulling at your muscle causing you to be sore from the pulling, not from the muscle growing.
SO, because there are many fake abdominal exercises out there that are both ineffective and tiring, it is important to know what the abs actually look like under the skin.

If you want to understand more about the anatomy of the ab muscles, I recommend checking out Abdominal Anatomy 101 to fully understand the four different ab muscles so you understand the 5 laws of ab exercises.



The 5 Laws of Ab Exercises

#1 Don’t arch your back! 

Any exercise that ARCHES your back is not working the Rectus Abdominis (muscles that give you your six pack on the front). Why? Because your lower back muscles take over and your abdominal muscles aren’t activated. To work your ab muscles, you need to curl your lower back to lift your hips up and then bring your shoulders forward. This contracts the abs by crunching them together like an accordion.



#2 Support your spine! 

If your lower back or any part of your spine is hurting during your ab exercise, then it’s probably a fake exercise. Proper exercises for the core helps support the spine and fake exercises do the opposite. Like I said above, your lower back needs to curl in order for your core to support your spine.

#3 Exercises holding your legs in the air aren’t effective! 

Why? Because the Rectus Abdominis (front abs) is not attached to your thighs! SO why do your abs still get sore? This is because your back arches and your spine gets squeezed so your abdomen tries to help straighten your spine. This causes the abs to perform an isometric(non-moving) contraction. This means there is no blood flow to your abs and that is why they get sore and burn. In the meantime, you are killing your hip flexors (the muscles between the hip and upper thighs), hence why your upper legs get so tired before your abs do.

#4 Positioning of your head is important! 

You do not want your head to be looking straight up at the ceiling, but you also do not want your neck at your chest either. The best position for your head is in the middle of those two positions. Pretend there is a tennis ball under your chin and look at the wall in front of you.

#5 Breathing is everything! 

Your breathing should be very specific when doing ab exercises. Naturally you want to hold your breath, but when you hold the air the tension transfers from your ab muscles to your lower back muscles. Again with that lower back!!! So, exhale when you curl up. Make sure to empty your lungs completely so your spine curls to its maximum and you crunch your abs the furthest. When moving back down, inhale slowly.


Remember: Ab exercises interfere with your breathing causing only partial breath, so it is important to focus on the exhale and inhale to get the best contraction.


These 5 simple laws will help you get that tight stomach you are ready to strut! Make sure all your ab exercises follow these laws or else you are just wasting time and energy!

Let’s get to it!

Right now, try doing just a simple crunch on the floor and follow the 5 laws!

Get in 3 sets of 15, slow and steady, really burn those abs!


If you are ready to take the next step in your ab toning and want a routine that will help you get that sculpted stomach then check out my Abdominal Shred Program!

WAIT…. Don’t forget that to get toned abs, you have to do two things: learn the laws and eat clean.

If you aren’t sure what eating clean means, check out my Healthy Eating Principles where I break down the basics of healthy eating and give you a simple guide to follow!