Can You Make Fitness a Lifestyle? Part 1

 The #1 Most Important Rule Needed to Start the Fitness Journey

The fitness lifestyle!!!!! Do you know what that really means? Maybe you think it includes a few healthy things here and a few good choices there. But when it comes to a breakdown of the entire meaning of a fit lifestyle….it gets fuzzy.

You are not alone; many wonder what a healthy lifestyle is and how to start it.

What is needed to live a healthy lifestyle? Isn’t it just eating healthy and exercising?

Unfortunately, no. There is more to it – but fortunately, that is a good thing. The more that is needed to live a healthy life, the more likely you are to create good habits!

Woo-Hoo!!!! Alright then let me break it down for you and explain the #1 Most Important Rule needed to start your fitness journey.

First, I want you to think about your goals. What do you want your body to look like?

Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you want to get a little muscle tone, maybe you are ready to have a six pack, or maybe you are just ready to change your lifestyle so you are a healthier, happier you!

All are important and all of these goals start with the same rule…. MINDSET.



What do you mean mindset? I am not here to think about getting fit, I’m here to do the exercises to get fit.

Well, to be honest, your mindset is seriously number one! Let me explain.

Have you ever gone on a diet and did amazing for the first few weeks and then slowly started to fall off? Or you got on an awesome workout kick, working out almost every day, and then it slowly started to fade out of your routine and the word ‘busy’ began to be the excuse every day?

That right there, the try hard mentality followed by burnout, is not going to happen when you start this fitness journey!

How do I know this….because we are starting with the first and most important rule of starting a fitness journey and that is MINDSET!

Steps to take to have the right Mindset?

Number 1: COMMIT

Tell yourself you are ready, tell yourself you are worth it and know that you are!

~Your mood will change

~Your energy will increase

~Your view of yourself will improve

~You will no longer feel guilty – you will be proud, confident, and you WILL feel sexy in your own body!

Number 2: GOALS

You need to figure out what those goals are. What do you WANT???????Now write them down!

~You MUST write these goals down on a piece of paper so you see it!

~You NEED to say these goals out loud so you hear it.

~You HAVE to create these goals so that you know where you are going!


Motivation comes from internal and external forces.

Internal forces are you providing your own motivation. Most of the time it will be your goals that motivate you, like fitting into those skinny jeans again or feeling sexy in your own body.

External forces are things such as other people, pictures, and items that keep you wanting the results and keep you driving towards them.


LETS DO IT!!!!(1)

A great example of an external force could be ME; I work hard and share what I know – pictures, video’s, and my own fitness journey – to help inspire and motivate others.

So get that commitment, write out those goals, and find your motivation to get your mindset in check for your journey.

This mindset shift will take time and consistency. You can’t expect a perfect body in a day and you can’t expect your mind to automatically change in a day. This shift will take constant reminders to begin to train your mind and body. You will have to look at your goals often to stay on track, you will have to look at cute workout clothes to stay motivated and you will have to stay committed to the process!

We are all human and we live the ups and downs of life, so falling off track is possible, but it is not what we want. The goal is to keep you and your mind in tune and to the changes and enjoy the ride.

The goal is to have a stress-free, positive outlook, healthy mind, and fit body!

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