Can fruit make you fat?

Inside scoop on the negatives of fruit.

Let’s talk about that healthy delicious food called fruit. We got watermelon, apples, bananas, kiwi, blueberries, oranges and much more. A fruit salad is like a sweet treat because it’s delicious and healthy! Isn’t it?

That is the question!

“Healthy” is such a loaded word, with rules, regulations, portion size, nutrition….too much to handle. Can someone just break it all down to simple terms so I can seriously know what is healthy for my body?

Well YES I CAN, thanks for asking 🙂

When we talk about healthy food and eating clean we think fruits and veggies, right? Obviously we also think about no carbs, low calories, and never eating my favorite food again situations,  but that’s a different story. We are talking about FRUIT here!

Is fruit good for you or bad for you?

When can I eat fruit and how much am I supposed to eat?

Let me break it down into simple terms for you.

Fruit is healthier than many foods, but you must know how it can become unhealthy. That is by…

  1. Quantity (how much you eat)
  2. Timing (when you eat fruit).


I have done my research and to break it down for you Brigitte Zeitlin (Dietician, MPR, CDN, RD) found that having two servings of fruit a day is just right.

Okay great, but how big is a serving now? Like a whole watermelon or like 5 grapes?

Well single fruits like apples, bananas, and oranges are a single serving, but for watermelon, berries, and grapes you would measure out 1 cup.
fruit serving 2

Awesome so one cup of cranberry juice will works!


Juices don’t have the same nutrients as the actual fruit, plus they have TON of extra added ingredients. So let’s stick with real fruits for your fruit servings, no juice, no dried fruit (ignore the raisins in the picture LOL), just the real full plump stuff from the produce aisle.

Untitled design (1)

Okay serving size makes sense now, but what about timing?

Timing is important with fruit because of its sugar content. I know that fruit sugar is natural, but it is still sugar.

Let me explain! There are three different types of sugar. You have Glucose, Fructose, and Sucrose.

Okay boom right off the bat we know Fructose…sounds like fruit so it must be the sugar in fruit. That’s correct! Now Glucose is the sugar in carbs like pasta, potatoes and white rice. And finally Sucrose is a combo of the two, glucose and fructose, and is the sugar we use for cakes, cookies, and breads during the holidays.

Now you know fruit has sugar and with too much of it, the fructose stores as fat.

Why? Because your body doesn’t need that much fructose and the extra is stored in the least active places like the belly! Why? Check out my blog on the Quick Science Secret to Explain the Seemingly “Permanent”Pooch.

So the more sugar you eat the more fat you store, no matter which sugar type it comes from.

So are you saying I cannot eat anymore fruit?

No silly! What I’m saying is only two servings a day.

Okay and you still haven’t answered the question on timing. When can I have fruit?

Having fruit earlier in the day is best. The later in the day you eat fruit the more likely it is to not be used up before bed and that is when it really turns from deliciousness to fat!

My rule of thumb, NO FRUIT AFTER 4pm!!!


This is really because we are less active toward the evening and your metabolism begins slowing down so any excess food begins to store and save up,  but not in a good way!

I know this sucks! I want to have dessert and the healthiest sweetest thing for dessert would be fruit, and now you’re telling me I can’t even have that! BUT IT’S HEALTHY!

I know life isn’t fair, but to get that pooch gone you need to be aware of whats making it stay!

I feel your pain, I love fruit for dessert, but I have come up with some different healthy, low sugar desserts that I have eaten every night for the past 3 years on my Delicious and Nutritious Desserts recipe book that will be coming out soon! These delicious desserts help curb that sweet tooth at night and keep you satisfied so you aren’t craving more. It’s the best of both worlds; still having dessert while losing belly fat, sign me up! Check it out!

SO we understand only two servings a day and all before 4pm…. easy peasy lemon squeezy!