I have designed Abdominal Shred as a proven workout to kick your butt. I take badass to the next level with this 30 Day program. If your abs have never been sore before or you have extra fat that you don’t want, then this is the program for you! Abdominal Shred will take your abs to the next level.


With this progressive program the workouts will continue to be challenging. There will be no PLATEAU! Abdominal Shred is designed to keep your muscles guessing in a very strict pattern. The plan is simple to follow and can be completed anywhere.

To make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into the Abdominal Shred Program will include all of the following…

Over 60 Ab Exercises
Progressive Workout Program
Step by Step Instructions
Form and Techniques
Daily workouts
Workout Videos with Me
Calendar Template


ab shred

Abdominal Shred will give you the tools to tone up that tummy! If you want to learn how to define that
tummy and continue to be pushed, then this is the program for you!
Abdominal Shred will take your core to the next level.

Are ready to feel the burn and tone up your abs? Then press the button bellow and LET’S GET FIT!!!!

Investment of $97


This program is for people who have extra fat around their stomach area and are ready to get rid of it. It is also for people who have lower back pain or a weak core and are looking to strengthen their core and lower back muscles. This program will also teach you over 60 different ab exercises to keep your muscles guessing. Abdominal Shred is for you is you want to lose extra weight around your stomach, get rid of that muffin top, and strengthen and tone your entire core!

This program can help you tighten and tone your abs. It is a great way to strengthen your core, relieve lower back pain, and shed fat around your whole midsection.
No. The objective is not to lose a bunch of weight quick, it is to lose a healthy amount of weight in order to maintain and keep the weight off. This program is no a full body weight loss program, it is targeted to your abs and core to help increase lean muscle and decrease fat storage.
No. This program will be different than anything you have done before. It is primarily just core workouts and is great to add in addition to other workouts you do for your entire body. Remember this program is to shred your abs and abs are important to do if you want to lose fat and get toned.
No. This program will be different than any other ab program because it will be with me 🙂
Also because it includes a huge variety of abdominal exercises that progress in a specific pattern in order to get the best outcome and reach the best results.
Yes. If you stick to the program, accomplish each workout on schedule, follow a clean eating routine, and give it your 100% then this will definitely work and you will see results. It is also really beneficial to join into the community on my Facebook page to get support, motivation, and new tips all the time!
No. The program is all done with your own body and does not need any equipment. If you do have equipment like some weights and/or bands, you are more than welcome to use them during certain exercises and workouts for more resistance.
This program is 30 days. After the 30 day program it is highly suggested to jump into the Lower Body Burn Program for best results! If you complete both, then getting into the Platinum training Program is the next step to continue to see results. Here the workouts will be created specifically based on you and your goals, physical levels, abilities, and background.
The program will consist of a warm up, followed by standing, sitting, and lying exercises, and finish with a cool down. These exercises are designed and proven to strengthen you core and reduce belly fat.
This program has a 5 Day Money Back Guaranteed Policy.
In this programs you will workout 45-60 minutes 6 days a week.

This program can be performed at home, outdoors, or in the gym.
This program includes progressive workouts that start more simple and build up. The exercises are tough, but doable! There is no time limit, so if you are having trouble take your time and watch the videos again to perfect your form so the workout is easier.