1 on 1 private platinum coaching program


1 on 1 private platinum coaching program

Calling all my San Diego based Young Professional Women!!!

Are you happy with your body? Do you love the way you look? Are you comfortable and confident in your own skini?

If you know your body could use some work, then it’s time to make a change.

It’s time to get your body into the shape you desire, it’s time to get rid of the extra fat on your tummy,

It’s time to sculpt and shape those legs and glutes, AND it’s time to push yourself to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

One-on-One Training with me brings a whole different aspect to your health and fitness! If you have never had a trainer before then you are in for a treat, and if you have…. then I PROMISE you will not find a trainer like me!

why do personal training?

Let’s just be completely honest here, you’re on my site because you’re interested in my fitness lifestyle, you aren’t happy with your fitness lifestyle, or you just love my style 🙂 These are all valid reasons!

Training one on one in person with me will be an incredible transformation for your body, mind, and spirit. Your mentality of working out will change, your self image will change, and your body WILL change!
I will be working with YOU exclusively at my private studio 3x a week over the course of 6 months.

I am telling you now, the satisfaction after every single workout will be priceless and the results will be unbelievable. NO more excuses, NO more yo-yo. You WILL get on the right path to achieving your goals, NO questions asked!

I want clients who want to be sexy, confident, and fit, nothing less! It is your time to become the sexy, badass fitness women you want to be!

I am looking to train people to be there best. BADASS is the personality I’m looking for. I push hard and expect you to do the same. I want women who are ready to reach heights they didn’t even know were possible, levels that always seemed out of reach. I want clients who want to be sexy, confident, and fit, and will go through the sweat and pain to get there!

It will take time, it will take effort, it will be a little painful, but all of it will be 150% worth it! You got to work for what you WANT!!!

Are you ready to beast out and become the best, strongest, sexiest, most confident you that you can be!Well then let’s do it!

I am going to help you reach past what you thought you could never do and reach limits that will put your body into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!

What’s in it for you?

I believe in the personal aspect of training and provide clients with TOP NOTCH skills, knowledge, and workouts to increase their bodies performance and overall look. I believe woman deserve to feel sexy and confident in their own body. I am here to teach you the steps and tools needed to accomplish your goals with a little EXTRA PUSH! 🙂

Take a minute to think about your body…. Are you healthy? Are you happy with it? How do you feel?
Although it may seem like a constant uphill battle, I’m here to tell you anyone can get healthy and fit. It just takes the right mindset, tools, and environment to get you there! I’m am going to be there every step of the way helping you achieve your goals.

It is your time to do something for YOU! If you agree with me and believe your body and your life deserves a healthy fit balance, then it is time to jump in and invest in what you want and ultimately what you DESERVE!

I offer a 6 Month Platinum Program that brings together all aspects of life to help you find the balance between work, school, family, and life. During the 6 Months we will not only get you to the point where you can maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle, but we will bond, reach your goals, and create what works for you!

Based on your goals I will provide you with a badass program that will be individualized to your goals, fitness levels, progressive patterns, and current state. We may kickass right from the start or we may change small things, one at a time, but no matter the path we take, the BADASS, SEXY, FIT look will be the result!

My 6 Month Platinum Program Includes…

New Exercises

One on One Private Workouts 3x a Week

Education About your Body

2 Free Beach Sessions

Grocery Shopping Tour

Program Tailored to Your Wants and Needs

Continual Progressions

In My Kitchen Meal Prep Day!!!!!

Meal Prep Tools

Customized Nutrition Plan

Accountability/Check Ins

And more!!!!

Ultimate Coaching Experiences

Double the Fun at the Beach

This offer includes 2 Free One on One Private Beach Workouts!

Never done a beach workout before? Well you are in for a treat! It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work haha!

Don’t be scared, you will not regret it! Beach workouts are badass so I am including two complimentary beach sessions to get you pumped and sweat off the fat while in the beautiful San Diego sun!!!! 🙂

If you are ready to work hard, be outdoors, and make that fat cry then you will love the beach sessions.

In Your Kitchen Meal Prep Day

This offer includes an entire meal prepping session to go down in your kitchen. We will go over the basics of meal prepping and what actions need to be taken for a quick and clean meal prep. I will share certain tricks I use from washing, to cutting, to cooking, to storing, to clean up, and all the in between!

I hope you are ready to take your health to the next level with convenient meals prepped and ready to go. Stop worrying about what to eat and time spent cooking every day, it is time to make meals and life a lot easier with my meal prepping principles.

Grocery Shopping Day

This offer includes a 2-3 Hour Grocery Shopping Tour where we will go through the whole store.

I will take the time to go down every aisle with you and explain certain foods you should be getting and others you shouldn’t be getting. I also will uncover some tricks to reading a food label and tips on getting in and out of the store quickly.

I will make grocery shopping very simple and painless, including all the ingredients you need for a high quality, healthy diet. The list of food that we get during the shopping day will all be based on your individual goals!

If you are ready to learn the ropes of the grocery store and you are ready to stop worrying about what foods to eat, then you are ready for the Grocery Shopping Day!

Let me break this down for you…

I am a badass Athlete and a kickass Trainer. I know my shit and I get my clients the results they want!

I don’t mess around, I don’t listen to complainers, I don’t half ass it.

I put in the hard work and I get you that SEXY body you have always wanted.

This program is for you if:

 You’re a young professional woman who is ready for a healthy lifestyle

 You want to learn the ins and outs of living a balanced fit life

 You are committed to the process and want to step up your fitness a few notches

 You need some support, motivation, and a little extra push

 You are willing to push past your limits and prove you can do it

 You are busy and don’t have
hours to spend

 You have troubled areas and want to tone up, gain lean muscle, and lose fat

 You are ready to be a sexy, strong badass


tris2 small

The program will be tailored toward your individual goals, but I like to target legs, butt, and abdominal areas! If any of these descriptions fit you then this is the perfect choice!

If you are ready to take your fitness to levels you didn’t even know were possible, if you are done looking at your body the way it is, and if you are pumped and energized and ready to change your life around then LET’S DO IT!!!!!


This is for young professional women who are ready to take control of their health. For those who have a hard time sticking to programs, staying motivated, and getting or maintaining results. This is for women who are busy and want to bring a balance of fitness into their lives.
This program is the perfect way to get motivated, receive personalized support, and save time. It will help you take your fitness and health to the next level. You will learn all the building blocks for starting or perfecting a healthy fit lifestyle.
You uncover things you did not know being in the Platinum Training Programs. Everything from healthy foods to exercise form, and personalized workouts to target areas, you will get it all. The encouragement, feedback, support, and motivation will help you stay on track and see progress.
No. To lose weight the right way you will not be losing fat fast. My programs are designed to lose fat at a normal pace (2lb per week) so that your body is able to keep the weight off and not gain it back fast. Think of this, if you lose it fast you will gain it fast.
No. In the program you will be performing exercises that you have never done before. You will be using a wide variety of workout styles that will keep your muscles guessing. You will be sore and see the results once we shock your body with workouts you are not use to.
No. This program is different than any others out there. Why? Because you will be working with me 🙂 and because I will design yours based on you, no one else! Based on my education, knowledge, and experiments with myself and other clients, I will make sure it is the perfect program for YOU! This program is developed around things I would do for my own workouts and I will be able to teach you to be the same badass fitness women!
Absolutely. If you show up, follow the workouts, eat the things I recommend and stick to the program with a positive attitude then it will definitely work. We will work together and I will make sure that you achieve the results you want as long as you meet me half way and do your part.
The more you give it your all and stick to the program the faster you will see results. If you aren’t doing the scheduled workouts, following through with intensity, and are not eating the right food, then no you won’t see the results you want quickly or possibly at all. So stick to the program and trust me! 🙂
For the Platinum Training Program, you will complete 6 months with me! At the end of that time, you can continue with me and we can keep the fitness train moving along or you can go out on your own and continue your healthy lifestyle.
This Program has a 14 Day Money Back Guaranteed Policy.
This Program will include equipment as we move through your program. We will be performing the sessions at my private gym studio where I will have you using equipment I feel is appropriate and neccessary to get you to your goals.
For the Platinum Training Program you will have it all individualized so nothing will be out of your abilities. The exercises and workout will push you, but you will be able to perform them all.
In Person Platinum Training Program will take place at my studio in San Diego with both indoors and outdoors workouts.
For the Platinum Training Programs the workouts with last 60 minutes for three days a week training with me and two days a week training on your own.
Your Platinum Training Programs will be designed based on your goals and your starting physical levels. The program will include a variety of HIIT and Cardio Endurance workouts to shed fat. It will also include Strength Training and Muscular Endurance to build lean muscle and tone up in troubled areas of your body.

What happens after I sign up?

This is where the fun begins!
1. You will fill out all the necessary documents following your registration. I will ask you information about your health, background, and goals.

2. You will receive an email receipt with your purchase. You will also receive an email with a link to schedule our first meeting! The first meeting will be a health consultation to go over your goals, your health, your current nutrition and activity, and a time to connect MORE!

3. We will pick our Meal Prep Day!!!

4. We will talk about the plan and schedule our sessions out to get you SEXY and FIT!

I am going to be your personal health coach throughout the entire journey, keeping you accountable, giving you all the tools, and teaching you the skills! You will no longer have any wonders, questions, or concerns about your health and fitness because I will be guiding you through this entire aspect of your life step-by-step to make it simple and get results.

Now hand over the responsibility of your health and let me take care of it for you!

*You will be put in contact with me within 24 hours of signing up (unless it is a holiday).

I’m ready to get sexy, confident, and fit!

6 monthly payments of $833.33

I only accept a limited number of clients per month
and only consider those who are serious about working together

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